Submersible water pumps are at times referred to as electric submersible pumps and can operate when fully submerged underwater. The motor has been hermetically sealed and closed to the pumps body. The submersible pumps operate by pushing water towards the surface by converting rotary energy to kinetic energy eventually to pressure energy. Water is initially pumped into the pump where the rotation drives the water into the diffuser then it reaches the surface.

Benefits of Submersible water Pumps

A small submersible water pump is preferred as it does not have to be primed as it has already been submerged under the fluid. Minimal energy is spent moving water through the pump. The water pressure instead pushes the water into this submersible pump saving it a lot of energy.

In as much as the pumps are not versatile, their selection process is. There are those pumps capable of handling solids while others prefer liquids. The submersible pumps operate quietly under water where cavitation is not a major issue. No spikes in pressure level are witnessed as water flows through the pump.

Sump pumps – The sump pumps can keep out water which floods your basement protecting the foundation of the home and its structural integrity. Sump pumps are helpful during early spring when snow melts as well as during times of heavy rainfall. Always ensure they are properly maintained as its need is limited. Always cover the sump basin to keep off children and animals and ensure there is no evaporation and smell.

Disadvantages of the Submersible water Pumps

  • Most problems with this pumps arise from their seals. With time this seals can undergo corrosion. Water will slowly begin to sip in into their motor which will render them useless until they undergo repair. Seals also make submersible pumps quite difficult to undergo repairs.
  • Always remember that there is no such this as one multi-purpose pump. It’s either single or multiple stage pumps. The singe stage pumps are usually preferred for home use and light industrial pumping. They are preferred for sewage pumping, aquarium filters, sump pumps and other draining purposes.
  • Identifying and repairing damages such as ruptures are very difficult. Once the pump loses its integrity and begins to leak, its components undergo corrosion which is very hard to detect as it remains concealed. Such cases are rare but are difficult to identify.
  • Due to their technical design and the installation of safety equipment, submersible pumps cost way more than their regular counterparts.

The multiple stage pumps on the other hand are preferable for underground oil and water wells, they might also be designed to work with thin liquids such as water or sewage. Some of the top submersible water pump brands are:

  1. The VicTsing 80GHP Submersible Water Pump

The VicTsing 80GHP Submersible Pump is compact, detachable and multi-functional which makes it suitable for use on tabletop fountains, hydroponic systems and water gardens. This small submersible water pump might be palm sized but can maintain strong water flow within you fish tank. This ensures that it does not settle in one place.

The compact design can save you a eat deal of space on your tabletop fountain. The rate of flowing water peaks at 80 gallons per hour accompanied by a 2.6 feet high lift. VicTsing 80GHP Submersible Pump functions smoothly with small and medium-sized aquariums, water gardens, tabletop fountains and other hydroponic systems. The two nozzles present provide different water flow rates.

Cleaning the device is simple as you do not any require any special tools to dis-assemble? Taking it apart is simple and easy to understand. The submersible pump is designed with a knob which adjusts its water flow rate. The motor within produces minimal noise when operating.

  1. Superior Pump 91250 Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump

The submersible utility pump can move up to 30 gallons in a single minute. This pump which comprises of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic is quite powerful. Its energy efficient motor guarantees longer durability and life. The suction screen at the bottom of the utility pump can whisk off 1/8 inch of water from a flat surface.

Capable of pumping over 30 gallons in a minute up to 25 feet this submersible pump has a durable thermoplastic construction running on a compact design which easily fits into a 6 inch opening. Draining water in an enclosed environment can be drained out with this pump. For instance in farms, flooded basements, commercial and residential transfer applications among others. Sometimes it may be fitted with a float switch to operate as a sump pump. The Superior Pump 91250 has this 10 foot replaceable yet waterproof power cord which can vertically raise water to highs of 25 feet.

The Superior Pump 91250 Delivers reliable and consistent domestic use which is ideal when draining out standing water from fountains, swimming pools and flooded basements. This high performance pump is capable of moving 30 gallons of water per minute. When submersed the Superior pump has a 10 foot, waterproof power cord which can raise water over 25 feet high. To achieve high capacity pumping the pump has this ¼ inch iron pipe discharge thread that facilitates high capacity pumping including a garden hose adapter that is for you find convenient. With the right addition, it transforms into a sump pump.

Top Features

The continuous duty capacitor motor delivers high performance. The device runs on a 3.8 amp thermally protected, ¼ horsepower motor that is powerful enough to get any job done. Another incredible feature is the thermoplastic construction will ensure that this submersible pump can be used severally without undergoing corrosion. Its small size ensures that it easily fits through openings as small as 6 inches. Continuous pumping is able due to the water intakes on its sides and bottom.

  1. Hydrofarm AAPW250 Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 250 GPH

Hydrofarm Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump – With an operational capacity of 250 gallons per hour the Active aqua pump works great below the water surface. Most of Aqua pumps are fitted with several hose fittings so that you get the exact fitting in real time. When observing the reviews cast online by reviewers on this pump you will be surprised by just how it is highly rated. Any person interested in hydroponics systems should consider this pump as it offers some growth allowance.

The Active Aqua pumps are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use. On the pumps powerful mag drive construction are impellers, removable foam filters, and rubber mounted feet to reduce the level of vibration.